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Pro Wrestling Training. The ins and outs of finding a Pro Wrestling Academy

Pro Wrestling Training is it for you? For background, I was trained to be a professional wrestler by Seth Rollins(Black & Brave Wrestling Academy). Yeah, it’s true and I personally am proud to say that. One thing I learned that pro wrestling training is not for the faint of heart. It is already considered by many to be a top pro wrestling school. Don’t worry though I’m not here to talk specifically my school, but just giving you an idea of what I’ve learned and want to be as real as I can about my experience and what I learned so I can pass it on to you. There are plenty of other great places and trainers out there and I’ve linked several that I would have went to if B&B wasn’t so close!

How to get into wrestling school.

I want to urge you to find the right fit for you and you alone. Since you are here and becoming a professional wrestler is a thought – I really hope to get you to apply to one of the schools I mention. If you want to apply to Black and Brave, or want to check out their page,  feel free to click here. The school also has an Instagram where you can get a little inside peak of what goes on: www.instagram.com/blackandbravewrestling.  Even if I were to never “lace up a pair of boots” (which I already have and plan to continue to). Training pro wrestling style is the way to go. I applied. That is how I got into wrestling school.

Paying your dues for training in pro wrestling

I personally feel that you absolutely need to pay your dues. Three months of training and heavy exercise was certainly one way that I paid my dues. It isn’t and shouldn’t be about killing the students or trainees, but it should have them frequently asking… Is this for me? At my school many people realized that, no. Students lost a lot of money when they walked out the door.

Wrestling is not a game and no one in the locker room treats it that way. It is serious and injuries can easily happen from a mistake, carelessness, or lack of awareness. If you go to a wrestling school and graduate, then after say this was easy.. well.. Then you haven’t paid your dues. I still have to pay my dues, but after training I definitely know that I worked hard, and anyone that graduates after me gets my respect.
What school should I choose to get my pro wrestling training at?

It is completely up to you. Personally, I’ve always wanted to be able to train somewhere close. That is what made my choice so easy. I did relocate and it cost me $3500 for the school and approx $1500+ for rent, food, gas, and all the other costs of living. The less money you have the more room mates you are going to want to find. I contacted a few schools by email. One school completely shot me down and were jerks, but that is a whole different story for another time, the other was just too far for me at the time.

I did find a place in Vegas that I really liked, but I knew I had to move back home so I couldn’t train there. If you live in Vegas check out FSW – Future Stars of Wrestling. I ended up hearing about Black & Brave on Talk is Jericho of all places. You can hear them talk about it by clicking here.

Does my trainer need affiliation with the WWE?

No of course not. Getting your foot in the door is more important than anything. That is not to say that there are bad schools out there. "<yoastmarkTraining at any top school is not going to get you into the NXT, etc. Hard work, persistence, and never giving up are what it takes.. There are plenty of benefits though. Black & Brave does a lot of the stuff that the performance center does in the ring, our trainers have been there and get to go, so I personally know that I am being taught right.

If I didn’t get into Black & Brave.. Well I would have first considered a place like the Team 3D Academy which is ran by the Dudley Boyz, Ricky Morton’s school, or Lance Storm’s Storm Wrestling Academy. Someone also compiled a list of wrestling schools that you can check out here. Just make sure to do the research first! Another big benefit is that you can get special guests.

How do I get booked on shows?

You pay your dues. You connect with people. The good thing about reputable schools that have been around for a while is that you will get people of all different skill levels. B&B is still new, but we have people knocking on the doors of bigger and bigger promotions in our area. So you can always find someone to ride with or ask questions to. Find out if your school has graduates stick around. Those are the people that you want to be with as they obviously want to move up in the business.

Training at a pro wrestling school – other info

If you have any questions or are thinking about training to become a professional wrestler than please feel free to ask any questions on our forums. I will be happy to answer any questions that you have and hope that you will stick around. Please feel free to check out and use our forums. If you have any questions please ask them here on our forums.

I also recommend reading William Regal’s tips for becoming a professional wrestler.

Honestly if you want a good idea of what pro wrestling training is like then you should check out this video:

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