Dante Leon

Dante Leon Super Kick

From: Dallas,Texas
Debut: 2016
Height: ~5'9
Style: High Flyer/Technical
Graduating Class: #5

Twitter: TOTHEINFERNO@yahoo.com

Entrance Music: Youtube.com/watch?v=tk260d77lqw

Booking Information: M.DanteLeon@yahoo.com

Quickly on the rise is Dante Leon.

This high flyer will shock you with what he can do in the air and on the ground. What is even more intriguing is how unique he does it. His aerial attack is nothing to take lightly. After hitting you with a flurry of punches and kicks you better not take your eyes off of him. He could be on the top rope at any second and the match could be over.

Although he is from Texas he can't get away from the Midwest where he loves his fans.

Dante Leon is also the lead singer of a band!

Check out Dante Leon in action: