Black and Brave Graduates

We are the proud graduates and students of Seth Rollins and Marek Brave. We are also trained by Krotch(pictured left) a spot previously held by Shane Hollister who retired as a trainer and in ring, 2016.

There are currently 40+ graduates of the Black and Brave academy. That includes students from different countries such as Canada, Germany, and Australia! And all over the United States Including Alaska!

Black & Brave Graduating Class #1

Meet Connor Braxton

Meet Eddie Machete

The very first graduating class featured 2 graduates, a third graduate took on referee role during training. You can catch both graduates on some of the biggest shows in the Midwest and abroad.

Black & Brave Graduating Class #2

Meet Xander Killen

Meet Bodie Van Zandt

Meet Alex Taylor

The second class features many wrestlers that have continued their wrestling careers. This class has already produced champions.

Black & Brave Graduating Class #3

Class three features Black and Braves first female student to graduate. It is easily the most diverse class that offered And best of all you can catch most of them still wrestling.

Black & Brave Graduating Class #4

The fourth class has some diamonds in the rough that you can catch wrestling in Iowa and elsewhere.

Black & Brave Graduating Class #5


Class five features some characters, athletes, and a high flyer. You can catch all five of them as they continue  their wrestling careers!

 Black & Brave Graduating Class #6


The sixth class is arguably the most athletic class with the majority of the students actively wrestling.

Black & Brave Graduating Class #7

The seventh class is the youngest class and arguably the toughest class - it features 5 graduates.  This class features strength, size, and character.

Black and Brave 0 to 7

Black & Brave Graduating Class #8

Hold your horses they are currently working their butts of to make it!

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